Melaku is another of the ‘Adopt a Midwife’ graduates, he graduated in 2014.
During his studies, I immediately saw that he has exceptional talents: he is intelligent, polite, friendly, a good colleague, and curious. During his studies, it became evident that he is also very capable of transferring both theoretical and practical knowledge to others, thanks to his calm and non-imposing behaviour. Like father like son: his father has worked as a teacher and a school principal all his life.
I really wanted to keep Melaku close to me and hoped he would follow a teaching course so that he and Selaam could take over my role.
In September he enters the fourth and final year of his studies. His results are excellent. Every weekend he follows classes in Woliso and during the week, he teaches in delivery rooms and maternity wards.
When I was unable to travel due to the crisis situation in Ethiopia, upon my request he maintained contact with the ‘Adopt a Midwife’ graduates. During this visit, Melaku officially accepted his new role as my intermediary.
Together we are now looking for appropriate workplaces for five third-year students who will graduate in August. We also follow the three first-year students who will hopefully start their second year soon. In addition, we plan visits to several Health Centres to take stock of the supplies and training they may need. I am so happy about this collaboration! And I have always been!