The biggest surprise was waiting for me in Amaya Health Centre.
Last year I visited Mergitu, who also graduated in 2016.
She works in Amaya Health Centre together with another midwife, and the Centre is already quite well organised.
Last year I entered her office as she was examining a pregnant woman. The woman thought I was her mother because Mergitu was so happy to see me!
That’s funny because we look nothing alike!
This time I especially noticed the nicely coloured fabric that was covering a little table, perhaps with medical equipment, or so I thought. I wondered why Mergitu would have this beautiful fabric in her office, where she carries out check-ups.
When I asked her about it, she pushed back the fabric and looked at me with a happy but shy expression.
‘A baby! You have a baby!’ I cried out! ‘Enkwam desalesh!’, ‘Congratulations’.
I had already noticed as I entered that the breast-size of the slim Mergitu had increased quite a bit!
Ha, a 3-month old daughter, being able to take her to work and to breastfeed her all day, what a luxury!
The father of the baby turned out to be a nurse from the same Centre. His name is Dawit, and he personally nursed his wife during the delivery.
‘We were together’ Mergitu commented, ‘the others all had a day off’.
Like the other midwives, Mergitu was very happy with the supplies we brought for her.
See you next time!