Jilela Health Centre is located 9 km off the paved road between Addis and Wolliso.

It took us 2,5 hours to travel this 9 km stretch, even with our four-wheel-drive car! Perhaps it’s faster to walk but it was raining, and we were carrying supplies.

In the pictures, you see Sufe, who graduated in 2016. She has lost both her parents and is from a poor family. She calls me her mother. We brought all the supplies she needs: a good blood pressure monitor, aprons, protection goggles, soap and a brush, a headlight because there is no electricity, a beautiful working t-shirt, a watch and a tourniquet. We also gave Sufe a solar flashlight. In the picture, you also see the delivery room, the office where check-ups are held and Sufe’s (bed) room.
She has tried to make it a pleasant space with a candle and glitter paper on the windows, but during the day, all staff drinks coffee in this room, so she has little privacy. The cardboard box contains her personal belongings. The circumstances in which people work here are really incredible, but everyone remains dedicated with a smile on their face.
Outside, in front of the Health Centre, the water reservoir lies on the ground. We will try to restore the water supplies of all the Health Centres.