Visit to Dakuna Health Centre near Endebir, which is run by Franciscan Sisters.

Sister Wengelawit has been in charge of the Health Centre for two years. She’s an extraordinary woman; the centre is clean, well-maintained and organised. Three midwives currently work in this Centre. Amongst them is Sr. Kebebush, who graduated in 2014 in Wolliso and with whom I have worked and studied a lot. It was great to see her again! The other midwives, Tarikwa (‘Adopt a Midwife’) and Senait come from the 2016 group.
The delivery rooms are currently in the main building, which is not ideal, seeing that it increases the risk of infections. Sister Wengelawit is presently working on a separate building for mother and child care. Perhaps ‘Adopt a Midwife’ could help her.

Photo 1: The two young midwives: Tarikwa and Senait
Photo 2: the delivery room (currently about 35 deliveries a month)
Photo 3: Sr. Kebebush and I on our way to the Mother Waiting Room. The compound is clean, and there are many flowers. In every room, there is a vase with flowers in it. Sister Wengelawit takes care of the flowers and claims they help to heal the people visiting her Centre.
Photo 4: The Mother Waiting Room: this is a place to stay for mothers who live far away from the Centre. This way, when they go into labour, they are already in the Health Centre.
Photo 5: The three midwives of the Dakuna Health Centre.
Photo 6: Waiting Room Mothers are sitting outside.